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Functional Medicine Kingston

Meeting Your Genetic Needs

“Functional Medicine is a personalised, systems-oriented model that empowers clients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.”

In a world where we should have better food, better nutrition, better health and better childhood development, it seems it’s getting worse. Many health practitioners suggest lists of medicines that come along with pages of negative side effects. Our solution?

We use functional medicine to provide a full resolution. Functional medicine is a study of your whole person that offers individualised solutions to your unique genetic needs.

Functional Medicine is:

  • Participatory – you will need to learn, participate and change unsupportive lifestyle choices which frequently learned from your family.
  • Personalised – Everything we do for and with you is specific and individual to you and your needs. Your tailored program will not fit another individual.
  • Predictive – We can give you intelligent risks assessment numbers (environmental/occupational) which predict the likelihood of certain outcomes if you do not live within your genetically defined parameters. We can give you specific information on risk reduction.
  • Preventative – we can help you reach your peak performance, improve your general wellbeing and capture your anti-aging programme.

It All Starts with Genetic Testing

Everything in your lifestyle affects the systems of your body. Whether you’re driving your body to health or away from health, we’ll help you make decisions that benefit you. We’ll help you take a look at diet, exercise, life cells, stress patterns and all the things that will help you naturally address the underlying issues that you face.

We’ll look and see if you have genetic issues through specialised testing so you can better understand your genetic code. Understanding your genetic background will help you better navigate your dietary choices.

Wellness exams also are offered and include a comprehensive assessment of body systems, screening physical exams and additional personalised screenings tailored to your health goals, risk concern and perceived needs.

To Us, Food Is Medicine.

Inside of our bodies, we have incredible digestive mechanisms that keep us functioning properly and digesting only what we should be. Our goal is to help you identify what you need to do to best enjoy your blue zone.

If you begin to mismatch your diet, you start to interrupt digestive enzymes and loosen the cells that are built up to maintain your digestive system. By eating things that are abusive to your digestive system, you’ll notice the way you feel is a parallel reaction and in this case, you’ll slowly feel worse or have cyclical episodes which ramp up.

Your digestion should be consistent and normal; outside of that, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your body’s digestive system or how your diet and lifestyle are affecting you. We’ll individualise your diet, hydration needs, exercise, and stress relief to address your unique genetic needs.

Delicious Food at The Willow

willow-200Food is supposed to taste lovely and be something that you can enjoy. If you’ve ever met someone who tried or have tried a special diet yourself, it can taste horrible. So for those with genetically driven diets who have tried a few methods that are unsatisfactory, The Willow is for you. With organic, gluten-free, healthy and delicious food, this revolutionary gastronomic health pub is a perfect place to enjoy life while maintaining healthy habits.

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