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Client Testimonials

What others say about our services can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Irrefutable Health client testimonials below and email us or contact our office if you have any questions.

Love the Integrated Approach

“Having suddenly become debilitated with ME/CFS since the beginning of 2017, I have been trying everything I can to aid recovery, working with a nutritionist and other specialists. I have been having weekly/fortnightly acupuncture at Irrefutable Health with Dr Gul for a few months, which has been helping. I appreciate Dr Gul’s breadth of experience as a medical doctor as well as her knowledge of functional medicine, nutrition and acupuncture.

It is great to have an integrated approach and I have found the sessions beneficial and energising, which is exactly what I needed.

Dr Gul has worked closely with me to tailor my treatment, kindly working around what I need and monitoring the response, so that we can gently build up each week, rather then going in too strong (which I had experienced at another clinic and it made me feel so bad afterwards, so Dr Gul has worked with my individual response, making me feel much better). I have found the clinic very friendly, welcoming and understanding. It’s a great source of information and expertise in health and well being and I like that they often do talks and events in their healthy and delicious restaurant The Willow next door. I would recommend to others.”

– Hollie Pita-Carr, June 2018


Great Massage

Massage went well and I enjoyed it, had some right spine pain which hasn’t been too bad since the massage. Booked my next appointment.” Patricia Sage, June 2018







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