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Nutritional Therapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss & Management

Long term sustainable weight loss is not simply about eating less and hoping for the pounds to drop off. Nor is it just about exercising more – as the saying goes, you can’t outrun a bad diet forever!

There are many factors that influence weight gain or impede weight loss, and these will be different for each person. It’s not just what you eat but also involves:

  • When you eat
  • How you eat
  • How you sleep
  • The effect of your hormones
  • How you manage stress
  • How you relax
  • How you exercise – yes, it is still important!
Weight loss equipment

How can a Nutritional Therapist help?

The Nutritional Therapists at Irrefutable Health will work with you to fully understand your unique circumstances and goals and devise a personalised plan with dietary and lifestyle changes that you can incorporate into your life. They will take into consideration any pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes or an underactive thyroid which may influence weight.

They may also:

  • Refer you to your GP for further testing where it can be accessed free of charge
  • Recommend private testing not available on the NHS
  • Suggest supplements

Your personalised recommendations will be reviewed at each appointment to evaluate how they have been incorporated into your life and how effective they have been and your plan will be amended and updated accordingly. A course of 4 appointments 4 to 6 weeks apart is recommended for optimal outcomes and to allow sufficient time for changes to manifest.

Our practitioners can also advise on specific eating plans that you may be interested in including keto, intermittent fasting/fasting diets, sports nutrition and vegan and vegetarian diets.

Nutritional Therapy is also beneficial for those who want to gain weight, perhaps after or as a result of illness.




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