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Podiatry for Children

Healthy adult feet have 26 bones. At birth, a baby’s foot has 45 pieces of pliable cartilage. These bones gradually start to harden (or ossify) and fuse together during childhood. Feet continue to develop until approximately age 18. In the early years it is very important to look after a child’s feet, which are sensitive to pressure. Footwear must fit correctly! An improperly fitted shoe will not allow the foot to take on its normal shape. Improper posture or bad habits will not allow the ankle, knee and hip to line up properly. Irrefutable Health is a child-friendly place. We give treatment, care and advice to the parents of our younger practice members, whether their needs include treating verrucae, hypermobility and shoe fitting advice.

An Easy Test to Screen for Foot Problems

A simple at-home children’s screening test for you to do with your child. This test should be done on girls under the age of 16 and boys under the age of 18 whether or not they have knee pain or growing pains. Early detection and intervention will prevent the transmission of a structural problem to go on into adulthood where it eventually could become a surgical problem.

There are different patterns that will not allow normal movement and cause joint damage:

  • Both knee caps do not point in the same direction
  • The direction of the knee caps does not follow the direction of the feet

Learn more about caring for your children’s feet by contacting us today to book an appointment.

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