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What Can You Expect From Your Nutrition Appointment?

We always start with in-depth health and nutrition questionnaire completed in advance of your first visit.

Your initial consultation typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes and includes:

  • A discussion of your symptoms
  • Current and past treatments
  • Current health concerns
  • Diagnosis(es)
  • Family history
  • Levels of physical activity and dietary patterns
  • Lifestyle, including sleep and stress
  • Medical history of past events
  • Use of medication and supplements

This provides an initial clinical impression for the practitioner.

Digital Feedback

On becoming a Irrefutable Health Practice Member, you will continually be tracked with a BIA (bio impedance analysis – an internal cell counter and compartment measuring system), anthropometric and health measures to be able to give you your scores and summaries of your improvement.

Testing and Assessment

We need to know your goals and will go on to organise any required follow-up appointments or testing (15 to 60 minutes, case-dependent). These may include the use of a wide range of tools to confirm the clinical impression from your consultation through evaluations or tests, all driven by your individual needs: the structural integrity of your cell membranes to your body’s frame, toxin exposure, your detoxification or biotransformation abilities for toxin and metabolic byproduct clearing, your hormone or neurotransmitter regulation, immune communication, neuro-function, inflammatory predilection and processes, gut reactivity and complexity of your microbiome, your gut function, how you digest and absorb nutrients, eliminate waste or evidence of an infection. The impact these factors have on your energy regulation or mitochondrial function influences if you will heal or not. Your presentation and goals will dictate which environmental area is brought to the forefront: your sleep and relaxation, your exercise and movement patterns your history of exposure to physical trauma, pollutants and micro-organisms and your hydration and nutritional intake, which support good function or throws you out of balance. In addition, we are prepared to look to your mental, emotional and spiritual influences.

The Nutritional Analysis Report

Registered Irrefutable Health Nutritional Therapists are uniquely trained to be able to develop your personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme which will identify the best points of leverage needed to effect a change in your system. With these change, we seek to promote your health and vitality and lift your peak performance by giving you an individualised, step-by-step program to address any chronic issues or conditions. Our goal for you is to support you and ultimately enhance your health and wellbeing. Follow-up consultations are dependent on your situation, but are generally at four-week intervals to monitor progress make adjustments as needed.

We are sensitive in assisting you to reach our goals. You will be given an individualised program that will inform you of why you have the issues you present with (your antecedents, triggers and mediators) integrated to your nutritional intake (quantity, quality, food sensitivities, nutrient imbalances, deficiencies, toxicities) and steps required to correct any infection or disturbance of gut flora.

BlueSky Connexions Community Classes

logo-blueskyPersonally or through BlueSky Connexions (BSC), we will suggest ways to reduce your stress, improve your resilience, deepen relationships, improve your networks and change your lifestyle – all very tough things to do. Alone, it is so easy to gravitate back to what you did before. OUR SOLUTION is BLUESKY CONNEXIONS – we have a team to support you.

You will be invited to participate in the BLUESKY CONNEXIONS events, block classes, teaching or coaching sessions most specific to your issues. You do not have to figure out all of this alone. People in communities get well and, more importantly, stay well – supporting each other. Someone will be there if you weaken your resolve. Lifestyle change is done best in the company of another.

Specific invitations to classes integral to your care will be sent to you through your Practice Member Portal. You will be strongly advised to confirm and attend these sessions. A seat will be held for you until the initial session. All other events and their availability will be listed on the BSC website, and you are encouraged to sign up to attend those that you find interesting, invite others to attend these events or have them sign up and come with you to your specific invitational classes.

Initial Appointments

Initial appointments are comprehensive and last 90 minutes. Follow-up appointments generally last up to 30 minutes.

The Irrefutable Health practitioner uses a highly personalised approach to diet and health. Your team will learn about your particular habits and health concerns. Then, you will work together to set nutritional goals. Dietary recommendations are tailored to your personal needs, but you can expect an emphasis on a whole foods diet.

Worried about navigating the healthy food maze? Your Irrefutable Health practitioner can assign specific classes for food demonstrations and lifestyle coaching to provide guidance, helping you personalise your shopping at grocery or health food stores.

Are you currently healthy and strong? Nutritional counselling today can help you develop and maintain healthy dietary habits to prevent chronic illness at any age.

Wellness exams also are offered and include a comprehensive assessment of body systems, screening physical exam and personalised additional screenings tailored to your health goals, risks and needs.

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