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What to Expect

Irrefutable Health focuses on individualised care to meet your exact needs and help you discover your best healing. Therefore, each practice member will have different care, different outcomes and a different healing journey. With your goal in mind, we’ll work together to help you reach your desired results as you recover body, mind and spirit.

Initial Visit

INTAKE FORMS:  Our intake process is very thorough and done through customised software that will take your information to simplify your history and help provide the most state-of-the-art care possible.

CONSULTATION & EXAMINATION: When you arrive, we will match your process, testing and style of intervention to your needs. We’ll start by discussing your health history through a variety of approaches:

  • We’ll examine your range of motion to see if you can you bend and move properly.
  • We’ll test your neurological functions to analyse your balance and how well your cerebellum works. We’ll determine if you can you walk on a straight line.
  • We’ll observe your overall function to determine if your body works together as it should.
  • We’ll see if your body has the ability to heal, recover and function properly.

Usually, this visit lasts 45 minutes to one hour and you can expect to be adjusted on the same day for an acute issue. If you’re seeking care for a severe complaint, X-rays may be necessary at this time and it’s likely your first adjustment will take place on your second visit.

Report of Findings

We’ll review your examination and X-rays and go over our Report of Findings, discussing the cause of your complaint and your expected outcome. If desired, we’ll conduct further testing on this day (genetics, etc). We’ll discuss our part in your healing and your part as we team together in this venture.

Regular Visits

People who are uncertain if a certain type of care is best for their problem; they can schedule a complimentary consultation to develop the plan for the starting point on the roadmap to brilliant health. Their first visit can follow on from that or be scheduled on another day. The first visit is an in-depth review of their history and problems, when these are considered with other tests and leading edge technology we employ, we can give them a summary looking from multi facets. They receive a practice members card and we use the kiosk and other outcome measures to document their recovery journey with progress reports accessible through their PM porthole. Athletes especially will appreciate the performance edge which improved health can bring.

We look forward to helping you discover your blue zone! Schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s help provide you with a roadmap to brilliant health.

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