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Genetic Testing in Kingston

DNALife Testing

The spotlight really is very much on genetics in modern medicine, in terms of disease risk. However, as a DNALife certified practitioner I only use genetic testing that focuses on genes shown to respond to positive lifestyle and dietary ‘messaging’. Food and lifestyle habits provide information to our genes, termed ‘epi’genetics. It is at the level of epigenetics that health empowerment and transformation can take place. Good nutrition, daily movement, adequate rest and a balanced emotional state / peace of mind is powerful, positive information to our genes and all things that WE CAN control.

Tests available within the DNALife series:
DNAHealth, DNASport, DNADiet and DNAOestrogen

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance (MB) has over a 90% success rate worldwide with all clients who undertake it. I personally followed the programme, prior to training as a coach. Erratic hormone patterns have a profound impact on weight, as well as other areas of health. As a result, helping clients to become efficient at burning fat for fuel to regain metabolic flexibility has become one of my main areas of expertise. I have had amazing results with the programme, which also adopts the phrase ‘the all natural weight management and health programme’. MB is a complete health improvement programme, and focuses on eating a wide variety of ‘real’ foods that don’t harm by being easily digestible, as well as changing the way we ‘think’ about food.

The 12-week coaching package includes the following:

  • 5 face-to-face nutrition consultations (including email and text support as you go through the programme. I can also conduct using Skype). The first session takes a full medical history, dietary preferences, considers stress levels and sleep. Under the MB programme, the first consultation lasts 1.5 hours, followed by 4x 1-hour consultations for body metric measurements (taken in the IH clinic), together with updates on progress.
  • A comprehensive functional blood test with the Doctor’s Laboratory (a complete overview of your health, including kidney function, cholesterol, liver function, thyroid hormone levels and conversion to active T3 and iron levels). I include T3 as an extra marker for clients in the package price. Reverse T3 is also available at additional cost and highly recommended for a complete thyroid health picture.
  • Full body metrics taken at IH (muscle mass whole body and limbs; fat mass; bone density; metabolic age; BMI; Basal metabolic rate; water/hydration level in muscles).
  • A personalised nutrition plan generated by MB doctors in Germany, unique for your body’s requirements to regain metabolic balance for overall health and your body’s natural shape for weight management.
  • A fully-bound personalised programme with complete directions of phases 1-4, a personal ‘shopping helper’ to take with you when buying your foods for the plan.
  • Complete recipe guide and top tips document to help you get started and support you throughout.

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