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Verruca and Wart Removal

Happy feetCryotherapy is available for wart and verruca removal. During treatment liquid nitrogen is used to “freeze off” the wart. The very cold temperature causes the cells infected by the virus to die and fall off and also reduces blood supply to the infected area.

As well as being unsightly, verrucas, plantar warts, and common warts can cause discomfort when walking and inhibit natural movement. Warts are caused by a virus and are contagious and can be spread unintentionally with loved ones. Removal of warts and verrucas helps avoid them spreading to other areas on your body and to prevent spreading them to others.

Cryotherapy can be used for many types of warts, including those that have not responded to home or over-the-counter remedies such as salicylic acid. Multiple treatments may be required for particularly stubborn or well-established warts.

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