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Meet Kamran Brennan



In the space of the last few weeks I have picked up quite a few diagnostic and therapeutic techniques from Dr Zappacosta and along with my own knowledge and vast experience spanning a quarter of a century, I now feel more capable, ready and ‘weaponized’ to provide my professional services to the local community in London KT1.”

Kamran Brennan, Doctor of Chiropractic

Kamran came across chiropractic purely by chance. He had such a passion for it that he sold his flat in London and embarked on a 4 year long chiropractic degree course at one of the most leading chiropractic universities in Europe. Having graduated in 1993 he started his own clinic in Marylebone, London and when the building lease ended a few years later he decided to do associate work and continued doing so because of the lifestyle it accompanied and offered. There is, therefore, a wealth of experience and built-in skill set which he picked up from every clinic that he has worked from.

He believes in the chiropractic philosophy which is about the ‘innate intelligence’ working at its best when the spine is functionally at its optimum. This is because the spinal cord is housed by the vertebral canal and their functional relationship is interwoven. So, by normalizing the spine (within limits) and its associated structures, the body should be able to work at its best. The main area of clinical interest and emphasis for him is the pelvis and the spine and, of course, spine-related disorders but the buck does not stop here and when it comes to the extremities (arms and legs) he normally gets very favourable results, also.

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Continue To Spread The Positive Effects

In 2017 when his son Jeremy was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma he took two years off work in order to care for him and assist him daily in his battle with cancer. Jeremy is now in his second / third year remission and Kamran thought rather than retiring from this remarkable profession he will continue to spread the positive effects of his work to more patients, this time in Kingston upon Thames.

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